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Zombie Flock

Petaluma Political Poultry  (sold)
chicken often dream of standing up for their rights..of making a statement or two about what they believe...
they dream of a better world...where they can cross the road...without having their motives questioned..
"Don"t Go Bacon My Heart"   
this little piggie wears his heart on his sweater...give him to someone you love who loves bacon...
"the  Mountain Squirrels R Justified" 
there seems to be few who get what's going on here..there is a great FX show call "Justified"set in the mountains of Kentucky...3 of my favorite characters are the names of these guys...from the left Raylan..Boyd..and Dickie
some squirrel facts included in this art...squirrels can run 20 mph...squirrel means "shadow tail" in Greek...365 species in the world..

       Crazy Crazy Cat
       Wild Zombie Cow
       Upwardly Mobile Bat
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this flock of Petaluma Zombie Chickens appeared in the pages of "Stuffed" magazine in 2010..
they have flown the coop..
but many more will be appearing at
 Halloween & Vine Petaluma 2014     and
​Glitterfest Fall 2014..come see me.